Anonymous: "It might be helpful if you had a links page, or more links in the sidebar specifically for issue related content, like a link to the songs featured in the magazine, a link to go straight to all crossword answers, etc. Just a suggestion! I LOVE THIS MAGAZINE SO MUCH, KEEP IT UP!! I would love to see it in print-on-demand someday!"

Good idea! So, here’s a link to the new Links page;

It links to all the frequently-used tags used on the Tumblr so you can easily filter posts. It also includes a link to a directory of all free gifts, which will hopefully also be easier to keep track of than embedded links in the individual issues. Also, any files that were previously uploaded as .RAR files have now been re-uploaded as .ZIP files for maximum compatibility.

Thanks for the suggestion, and we’re happy to hear you love the ‘zine!

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I haven’t been on for a while; I got a pretty nasty virus, one that logged keystrokes, which got into my email and subsequently made me paranoid about logging in to any other sites. I think it’s fixed now, but I’ll likely still be paranoid for a little while longer. As such, I’m going to be postponing the next issue of Lunacy until I’m 100% sure it’s all gone. Since the virus was targeting emails, I don’t want to run the risk of subscribers or other contributors receiving infected files.
Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.

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Themed Issues Calendar

If you’re curious as to which future issues of Lunacy are intended to be themed and which aren’t, we now have a handy point of reference for you! There’s a good mix of issues with solid themes as well as free-for-all.

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There’s now a page listing common questions/problems:

We hope this might help people who have any concerns so far. :)

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heartstun-deactivated20121106: "SuperNZB works great and is free too!"

Here’s another suggestion! Thank you!

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story2tell-deactivated20140522: "Hey! So I've downloaded the first issue of Lunacy Magazine, but my computer isn't letting me open the file. What program are you supposed to read it in?"

To open .RAR files on Windows, we recommend the program WinRAR which, while not free, will continue to function indefinitely even without payment.

To open .RAR files on Mac, we recommend the Stuffit Expander.

The magazine itself is a .PDF file and will need a PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader, though dragging the file into many Internet browsers will allow you to read PDFs as well.

We apologise for the difficulty and inconvenience our current format is causing; we will be compressing future issues in the .zip format for more compatibility. Thank you for your patience!

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Anonymous: "what all do we need to send in the email to join the list"

Just send in an email to from the account you would like the zine to be sent to. Future issues will then be sent to you as email attachments when they are published. Download links will be also posted on this Tumblr and @LunacyMagazine on Twitter, but many find emails to be easier and less likely lost.

Edit: I may have misread this question. If you, as some people have been, are curious or unsure about what to put in your email, all you need to include is some statement saying that you want to be added to the mailing list. This can be a subject header of “Lunacy magazine mailing list”, or a message saying something like “Please add me to the Lunacy mailing list”, etc. So long as you make it clear that you are intentionally messaging us and would like to be added, you can include as much or as little as you would like.

Edit 2: A quick note to say that you will not receive a response to your subscription email. If you have concerns about whether you were added to the list, please wait until after the nearest release date before sending additional emails. Thank you in advance. :)

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Anonymous: "do wehave to pay for the magazine"

No, Lunacy is completely free. It would be out of line for us to ask for money just to read the magazine; it’s made by fans, for fans, for free. So there’s no reason not to subscribe! :)

Edit: I’ll also use this opportunity to address another, slightly similar question we are sometimes asked; Lunacy is an online magazine, or e-zine, not a physical object. It can be downloaded and read in the format of a PDF. All we need from you to subscribe is your email address.

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